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Serving Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding area's
On Site Services Starting at $75!


A wide range of services to keep things going.

Mechanical Repair

Mobile mechanical maintence and repair services that come to you. Eliminate the added frustration no matter if its a piece of equipment for your business, your ride to work, toy or even your RV.

Electronic Services

Electronic installation and repair. Mobile systems, home systems or business. Have it working right the first time and get it fixed right if something does go wrong.

Computers & Networking

Computer setup, repair and networking. Computers and the internet aren't going anywhere soon. Set up your new computer, new ip camera system or get a problem resolved effeciantly if you have one.

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A little more in depth

A closer look at services offered.


Repair and Rebuild

Auto Electronics

Installation and Repair


Setup and Repair

RV Repair

Onsite Service and Repair


Onsite Setup and Repair


Installation, Setup and Repair

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Infinite Solutions

  • Quality Service

    Quality service to make sure it's done right the first time. It's not about pushing them out the door, it's about making sure it's done right so no one has to waste time dealing with the same problem.

  • Real Diagnostics

    The right tools and knowledge to diagnose the issue instead of taking guesses and making you pay the price. It pays to have the experience to find the issue when there is one. Do yourself a favor, Don't settle for a guess.

  • Fast Service

    We all know the importance to be finished yesterday. Unfortunately we're not quite that good. Service is the most important factor, making sure the job is done right, but you will get realistic expectations up front and we try to talk in days instead of weeks.

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